Headless CMS.

Decoupled CMS aka “headless” has rising popularity in the CMS development world. It interacts with display/glass only through API, allows breakthrough user experiences. It gives developers the immense flexibility to innovate, and for the site owners to future-proof their builds by enabling them to refresh the design without touching the CMS. HeadLess CMS made its considerable mark in 2016 and looked like it's going to influence the norm in 2017 CMS development.

With this regard, Atish Narlawar talks about HeadLess CMS, its features and best practices to Tan Quach. Tan is Director of Engineering at @Huge and recently lead a development project built using Headless CMS. In this podcast, Tan shared valuable insights about HeadLess architecture, learnings, best practices, hosting options, development, fundamental challenges and overall experience.

They start the conversation by going through the evolution of CMS since late 1990’s, and how CMS has shaped from static site generator to more intuitive, omnichannel, the author focused serving the purpose of storing data, CRUD UI and data display. Most CMS got developed with complex monolithic systems and these monolithic applications results to a cumbersome development pain where display logic and backend sits next to each other, tightly integrated, and that's where the inception of HeadLess came into the picture.

Tan shares the common architecture patterns of HeadLess CMS based end to end project, and how it speeds up the development process, giving free hands to UI and UX teams for more alienated environments and freedom to use latest isomorphic libraries like Angular/React. He also explains about CMS administration, hosting and scalability. About the development practice, Tan explains how components built for publishing the site, can be re-used for the authoring view and the team can end up having a light weight middle layer between Frontend and CMS for managing third party integrations.

Finally, Tan shares his opinion for the teams aiming to introduce Headless CMS into their existing CMS ecosystem with some use cases.

Venue: Huge, Brooklyn, NY.

Host: Atish Narlawar

Contact: techpodcast@aol.com

Guest: Tan Quach@tantastik