AWS Reinvent.

AWS has more than 70 services, estimated 2 Million servers and 31 percent cloud market share. The recent Yearly AWS Summit is one of a good place to feel the excitement with 32000 engineers gathering, collaborate with boot camps, and see how things are getting put in reality and what others think about Cloud in general.

Atish Narlawar talks about recent AWS Con 2016 to Stanley Tso, DevOps Engineer at @Huge.

They start the conversation with the most major topic of the year AWS Lambdas. Stanley talk about Serverless Architecture and architecture patterns emerged from it AWS Serverless API w/ API Gateway, Mobile, and Live Video Stream Processing. Cost is one of the biggest factors for switching from current cloud-based servers to AWS Lambda serverless architecture, and Stanley thinks these savings are going to be the game changer. In one survey it was noted on actual production servers savings goes up to 50-90% of total current cloud expenses.

Second, they talk about Alexa, and the concept of Voice user interfaces (VUIs). AWS hosted a workshop to develop Alexa skills using Raspberry PI. User Conversation is the design paradigm and interactions with the application services with little straightforward and natural way going to be a big thing in the upcoming year. Stanley thinks Amazon is pushing hard to make this transition sooner than later. He also speaks cover about AI, Machine learning presentations he attended, and how dev teams can use AWS AI services to build AI functionalities from scratch.

Third, they talk about "How DevOps Culture getting evolved" across worldwide since its inception in 2009. Stanley finds DevOps became the necessary for agility; moving towards the direction of "Infrastructure as a Code" and gets into the Continous Integration workflows along with application code.

Finally, Stanley talks about Security Automation, and how Automation in the security has taken overall security to the next level. He shares the "Psychology of Security Automation," its placement from day one in the project. And how tools from NetFlix like Lemur and Repoman automates SSL creations and User permissions and facilitates development team a pace of “Move and Fast Break the things, ” and fulfills testing and security compliance.

Venue: Huge, Brooklyn, NY.

Host: Atish Narlawar


Guest: Stanley Tso @stso