Vue.js - The next great JS framework.

VueJs is one of the 2016 top front runner frameworks for developing and creating modern and sleek web interfaces. It is very modest javascript based library, that carries the best of Angular and React. It gets easily combined with other tools to convert into a fully functional framework.

Its design emphasized the "Ease of Use" and adopts the Model–view–viewmodel (MVVM) design paradigm which helps in the simplification of conception.

In this podcast, Atish Narlawar talks with Wes Hatch, Senior Web Engineer at Huge about VueJs. Wes goes through an overview of last decade spectrum of Javascript world and gives the background behind the inception of VueJs. He explains the high-level architecture and the types of problems Vue Js tries to solve for the various context.

Wes details about the Vue components, two-way data flow, and data binding model, state managements, Veux and the tools interacts as a part of the full blown ecosystem such as Vue Router, Chrome plugin, Vue-CLI, Vueify, Vue SSR.

In the end, He tries to compare Vue with React and Angular, presents the strengths Vue possess with its simplicity, lean learning curve, very active developer community and its influence and adoption in the current market. He discusses, how Alibaba is getting attracted to its development and the progress towards Vue-Native Weex for the native bridge similar to React-Native.

Wes also helps to understand, How Vue can be fit into Elm, Meteor ecosystem and can scale to production level grade app if needed.

Venue: Huge, Brooklyn, NY.

Host: Atish Narlawar


Guest: Wes Hatch