The Evolving Role of QA

In this episode, Tech Talk Podcast Host Atish Narlawar talks to Kate Falanga, an organizer of New York City Testers Meetup about "The Evolving Role of QA" in Software Engineering.

Kate gives an overview of how the role of QA has shaped in the software development since the era of GeoCities. With the aspects of processes, engineering practices, automation, and culture the role of QA has indeed gone far from waiting for testable code rather start to offer inputs at the beginning of requirement gathering.

Kate explains, the difference between QA Engineer and QA Analyst, and how both roles are very different and efficient in the software development. She insists although Automation is imperative, but it has to go through the lenses of usefulness, what make sense and what doesn't.

"The days of QA are getting numbered?" Recently one of the group from Yahoo got rid of QA Team altogether, stating testing is a part of culture, and, in fact, it's a shared responsibility. Kate answers QA is not dead, and it will never be dead. She think QA going through transformations, and the expectations have changed with this the role itself in validating requirements upfront, managing automation, release planning and recognizing what make sense and what doesn't. As next generation gadgets evolve with Augment & Virtual Reality, Driverless cars, Internet of Things the domain of QA is expanding fast and the ways to measure and manage quality is becoming quite challenging as certain rules need to get defined in these areas.

Podcast: Tech Time Podcast

Venue: Brooklyn, NY.

Host: Atish Narlawar

Guest: Kate Falanga

Meetup: NYC Tester

Blog: Evolving QA