React Native Development and Industry Adoption.

React Native is a framework for building native apps using Javascript and React js. Since the announcement which came on early 2015 from Facebook React has been one of the hot topics has ever discussed in Mobile community.

With this notion, Atish Narlawar speaks with Nicholas Brown, Founder of React Native NYC meetup. They start the conversation by jumping to the React JS component based framework and then natural progression of extending the web framework to mobile platforms through React Native.

Nicholas briefs the Architecture and introduces the feature of converting Javascript functionality into native platform code. Nicholas clarifies how React Native differs entirely from existing Javascript based mobile frameworks like Cordova and Appcelerator Titanium. He mentions within a year, the number of contribution to React Native exceeds that to the Cordova.

He explains the performance impact of using React Native compared to directly developing with Native code, especially during the transition of Javascript to Native code. However, to address this concern, better features and tools has been evolved like live reload and Microsoft CodePush. He also goes through various use cases where developing a mobile solution using React Native turns to be better as compared to native ios/android code.

Nicholas thinks once the solution gets developed on one platform, for example, iOS then the same solution can be used for Android with the minimal efforts around of 10% of the total. The discussion then goes through the current adoption of React Native in the tech industry and how most of the company are gearing up themselves meanwhile taking the cautious approach to be ready for next real change. He also shares the Google's attempt to enter into this domain with Flutter.

The discussion winds up with the recommendations for the beginners, with Facebook own tutorial and plugin repository named as React Parts for Native and Web plugins.

Podcast: Tech Time Podcast

Venue: Brooklyn, NY.

Host: Atish Narlawar

Guest: Nicholas Brown

Meetup: React Native NYC

Links: Facebook React, React Parts, Flutter