The 10 most inspirational personality of 2014.

The world is full of hardworking and aspirational people who are doing wonderful and extraordinary things. I feel fortunate to know, to read about them and to learn a lot in the year 2014. It's great to use my blog to highlight as many more. I’d like to shine a special spotlight on these 10 influential people(or a group of people) on my chart inspired me in 2014.

Mark Zuckerberg

Rejected Yahoo's 1 billion $ offer in 2006, when facebook was nothing. This man gets most of the credit to driving successful journey of facebook with recent worth 200 billion $ by September 2014. Having the strong belief of "If lot of people have access to more information and more connected, it will make the world better." facebook not only helped people to connect through socially, but drove the one of the biggest Egypt revolution of Modern history, changed the political equations of Indian elections. He inspired me for his attitude of build something for the long term, anything else is the distraction and find the things you are super passionate about.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos a founder of Amazon which is not only the greatest tech story of the 1990s but it’s also one of a few contemporaries still run by its founder. He is the one who saw the fall of amazon share price from 100$ to 6$ in front of his eyes, but remain calm and stayed positive. It's one of those qualities makes me feel great about Bezos. He cast every challenge as opportunity and one of those personalities who takes all decision on data, not judgment or instinct. He has also ability to handle many minute things while maintaining the longer goals in mind.

Amazon is immensely valuable today. It has successfully entered in those domains which no one ever thought. Nobody else reinvests almost every cent of profit in growth, as Bezos still does.

Jack Ma

The more I read about Jack Ma, more I found interesting his personality. Ecommerce business Alibaba started in apartment 1999, now bypass Walmart in net worth. I am impressed by his vision of using technology to alter the existing standards alter the user experience, which has social, economic and political impact on the society beyond just an e-commerce platform. 21st century belongs to Asia, and, of course, such visionary leaders would have more impact on their technical arm.

Tony Fadell

Working in the designer shop, I may be little biased with him, but whatsoever I am impressed with Tony Fadell. Working with HUGE one of our goal is to combine the strength of design and technology for the betterment, and now if think about Tony Fadell 'A passionate, brilliant engineer' I should consider him as a role model. Combining design, engineering and entrepreneurship its one of the toughest task. Tony did all this twice: with the father of the iPod and smart thermostat at Nest Labs recently sold to Google.

Edwards Snowden

Freedom is individuals right, world can be more creative and beautiful if every individual becomes real get this founding principle to practice. And for the sake of this basic right, Edward Snowden a computer genius has chosen to do what is right rather than what will enrich him, and he has chosen to do what is right rather than what is lawful.

He gave us a window of opportunity in which to make an informed, self-determined choice about the global system of surveillance for the sake of his life, career and future.

Malala Yousafzai

Malala’s drive, passion and perseverance in standing up for education and girls’ rights in Pakistan and around the world is extremely moving. She is a true human rights champion and a worthy recipient of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

The Ebola Fighters

"Not the glittering weapon fights the fight, says the proverb, but rather the hero’s heart."

These brave hearts reached from wealthy and safe countries like Germany, USA, Spain to slums areas in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone having risked and persisted, sacrificed their lives and saved millions who could be next victim unless they act hard and fast selflessly. World is safer now from Ebola, and their sacrifice count more than anything else.

Narendra Modi

India a world's largest democratic country have two dozen national parties, more than hundred regional parties. Dealing with issues of coalitions, corruptions, boneless decisions, cast politics, uneducated people, most Indians believed that their country has lost its way as its growth rate has been almost halved while inflation has soared. And now India have Modi, the person who reversed every one of those traits by his charismatic, intense, utterly decisive personality. Former head of Gujarat, one of India’s fastest-growing states and now sworn in as Prime Minister of India on 26 May 2014 Prime Minister.

His leadership skills, right use of technology to do the right task is unmatchable in world's political circle.

Shinzo Abe

Rightly said, if Japan wanted to tell the world it was going to stage an economic comeback, telling about Abenomics would be the better way. Shinzo Abe seems to be one of the strong political figures I remember for this year who is the designer of bold set of strategies to defeat deflation, ignite consumer spending and restore economic dynamism. And all this happens within just 20 months. His strong commitment to the big task and make the things work in the political circle is awesome. I am amazed how single person can enforce strong relations within in Asia to counter China. If you have looked his twitter handle and the people he follows, you will understand, the vision to restore the pride and strength of Japan. Hats off …

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel is a leader who really paved the way to transform of the German from the dark shadow of history. Her leadership for 2006 world cup as a host to perceive a team of young, hungry and decidedly “un-German” team. Her firm support for her thoughts made Germans ultimately embraced the new approach. After the world cup in 2007 financial crisis, she once again had to convince skeptical Germans that change was needed to rescue Europe’s economy. The quality of her leadership firm, measured and agreeable helped return Germany to a place of respect in the global arena.