Vitamin C and Cough.

Cough...Cough…! Back in days, my family and friends used to remember me a coughy guy, used to catch serious cough infection at least four times a year. And when I used get it, it lasted for two weeks or more. It was a frustrating experience, as this episode was going since last couple of years or more. Each time I had to try more concentrated cough syrup to get rid of it. To overcome with my anxiety, I changed my physicians, hoping previous one was not good. But as stupid my attempt sounds, more worst were outcomes. It never worked out…in short.

Every Time I asked doctors, how to avoid this crap and then I always used to get mostly one type of response. You have to be more healthy, change your diet, do exercise, improve your immune. Ohh god… no doubt all tips make sense, but how can I make it effective. I am vegan, do regular exercise, have control diet. What else you expect, a solid athlete… or body builder.. or else.

Anyway, the same frustration came one day in dinner table discussion at someone’s place when I was in casual chat with the person next to me, hearing this episode he immediately got interested and for next 10 minutes he immensely narrated how much he was too frustrated with same issue. He even told he used have often visited each year by primary physicians. After a long time, I relaxed and felt someone is here with a similar mess… I so mean by the way, but surprisingly the next tip he gave has completely solved this headache.

His tip was simple and very effective, “Fill your body with Vitamin C”, that's it??? yes, that's it. His experience was great, he said consider your body has stock of vitamin C. If stock finish cough comes, and if you make sure you never allow stock to go down, you hardly ever get cough. Motivated by this next for a month I tried to drink daily two glass of orange juice, weekly two vitamin C supplementary packets. And voila… my cough is gone. I tried this trick for every 3 months, and now If I look back its more than 18 months and I don't see catching a cough at all.

Simple trick, easy to follow but it never clicked my mind. Now If I remember back in days, each time doctor also used to tell me the same tip, but most of the time this tip used to get dissolve with other dozen tips in my mind.

Whatever, I see there is one thing is there to learn in this episode, never lose attention when you get multiple things. Weigh each option one by one, and always start with easiest one. It could help and save your time.