Encounter with MadEye.

Fast pace is one of the key identity of agile teams. I strongly believe in keeping team sit and work together, no matter what stream they belong either QA, Tech, Designers or Business Analysts. Over the years, working together drastically increase the functioning of speed and timely deliverable.

But we live in real world, a part of complex system, no matter how aggressive you plan but making a team of qualified resources from all required stack is very hard, maybe impossible in digital agencies for shorter project durations, hence we have to work with remote teams.

It's a big pain, but certainly the right way of using technology I think we can pin down the issue up to a certain extent. And recently through the use of Google Hangouts we see significant improvements in daily scrums. But one common task of collaboration between developers always got sidelined and in-fact usage of all different tools of desktop share, hangouts also did not yield fruitful results.

What I expect if some engineer reaches me and ask for help in his codeā€¦.

  1. Either I ask for send me the file : Crap option
  2. Share the desktop: Smaller fonts can't beat even bigger Mac screen
  3. Come to my desk: If close its fine, but a lil far context switching screws 15 mins ideally.

And recently I see MadEye, a one of the best solution I think currently in the market with free licensing. This product really impressed me at first glance. It's accurately precise for development where any developer can highlight, change the code in the browser and have a watch on terminal same time for errors or warning. This exactly what developers needed in collaboration.

I would be happy to see this tool being a part of must use engineering stack in all development projects. I also have enough points to put my case in front of tech directors.

Great work MadEye team, keep it up.